Success Story 2

Client: Arabian Gulf Associates (AGA)

Project: Launching a New Branch

Arabian Gulf Associates (AGA), a 1st grade expert waterproofing contractor in the Gulf, was looking for a reliable partner to install their IT and security infrastructure. AGA wanted to establish a new office branch, however they did not have the experience or know-how to select and maintain an IT and security systems that would suit their needs.

How MANTECH Helped
MANTECH helped AGA to understand what was needed from a specifications standpoint. MANTECH then selected the best contractors for the job, and coordinated their work so that AGA could focus on their core business.

The new systems and equipment that MANTECH installed helped the new branch achieve their goals and be more successful. AGA’s management could now focus their efforts on their own day to day responsibilities without needing to follow up on, or worry about, the branch’s IT and security infrastructure. This allowed AGA to save a significant amount of time when they launched the new branch.

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