Mantech Fleet Management

Mantech delivers cutting edge GPS tracking and fleet management software that has been adopted by more than 1 business across the globe. The cost-effective vehicle tracking system integrates with more than 2,000 models of GPS tracking devices, including, automobile controllers and software-based “trackers” installed as mobile apps. The software offers advanced functionality such as driver behavior monitoring and powerful report building tools. The software, which comes in SaaS and server-based versions, supports over 1350 device models of various GPS hardware trackers and also processes data, such as weight, humidity, light, temperature etc. That is received from supplementary GPS hardware including after-market sensors, cameras, tachographs and more. For more information, speak to a Mantech Consultant today on 17731717 or email

As our solutions doesn’t end with only Wialon as we provide solutions to all types of work that require fleet management, mentioned below is some of our solutions:

Fleet Management

Delivery Monitoring

Driver Behavior Monitoring

Fuel Control

Solution for Agribusiness

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