Success Story 1

Client: Contrack International

Project: Securing the American Naval Base


Our client, Contrack International, is an international project and facilities management company that serves the American naval base in Bahrain. The Company’s management was facing challenges with the installation of security systems, such as anticrash systems like road blockers, crash beams, and barriers. As a crucial element of the naval base’s security, the installation of these systems was a top priority, however Contrack International was wasting time as they struggled to hire an efficient and professional provider of these solutions and fulfill their contractual obligations.


MANTECH provided Contrack International with guidelines for installation, and also specified the materials required that would help avoid future breakdowns and subsequently save Contrack International a significant amount of money. MANTECH also rigorously tested the systems they installed to ensure smooth running.


MANTECH helped Contrack International fulfill their contractual obligations and install efficient security systems at the naval base. The Company was able to speed up construction and finalise the project with the help of comprehensive shop drawings and layouts. The naval base did not face any breakdowns or shutdowns of the systems, and the security and safety at the naval base was greatly improved. As well as saving a lot of time, Contrack International saved 30% on the total cost of construction and implementation of the systems.

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